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R & R Flagpole Service is known for our Steeplejack Service. We have traveled far and wide climbing anywhere you need us! From the tops of sky scrapers to the edge of bridges. We can get the job done that cranes can not. No need to get expensive cranes. We can safely climb and fulfill any need.

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Flagpole Fabricating

Our fabricating facility has over 40 combined years of experience flagpole fabricating and  constructing the ordinary to the unique. 

What ever the challenge, we will fabricate any need you have with excellence. R & R has extensive experience with flagpole fabricating. Custom flagpoles up to 400' are built at our facility in Michigan. 

Crane Installation of 80' Flagpole (Lind

R & R Flagpole Service provides installation of any flagpole. Flagpole Installation services are also available for other pole type projects. We go to great lengths to assure that all installation work meets our strict standards.

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American Steel
 MADE in U.S.A.
Flags made in U.S.A.



When you need the tallest, best flagpole available anywhere, our All American Made steel flagpoles is the right choice. 


Our cone tapered grounds set aluminum flagpoles are precision fabricated from new, 6063-T6 tubing utilizing the industry's most sophisticated manufacturing processes.



The world may have introduced new equipment and technology for various tasks but there are still some industries like flagpole service that requires a human touch. While most trucks or tower cranes can carry out the maintenance and repair of flagpoles, there are still some structures that are unreachable for them hence it requires someone to climb and perform the task. 

R&R Flagpole Service is the company to call if the cranes or trucks can't do it. We have a team of experts that can deliver and safely climb these flagpoles and fulfill what is required - be it cable arrangements, fabricating, flagpole installation, maintenance and more. 

We are committed to providing our clients with quality service. We make sure that the strictest standards are followed in every job that we do.





If you have any query about flagpole fabricating and flagpole installation, you can contact us through our email address ( or you can call us at (734) 430-4630 and we will gladly answer your questions.  or fill out the following form

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